Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tank-Infantry Teams in ARMA 2: Crossing Intersections (Part 1)

After my shameful death at the gates of Chernogorsk, it's back to basics. This time, I'm in command of a  USMC tank-infanry team (1 M1A1 tank, 1 rifle fireteam) attempting to cross one of these kill zones that urban planners like to call intersections. :)

Panoramic view of our surroundings

For the sake of clarity, these are the points I will be referring to in this entry. The main intersection we have to cross is one block down ("Intersection"). The two corners ("Lef Corner" and "Right Corner") where I'm going to anchor my fireteam are also labeled. I'm on the left side of the street as a point man, with the AR right behind me. On the right side of the street, the R and AAR.

This is no thunder run, and damn it sucks to be a grunt in times like these. Infantry moves forward, tanks follow. Infantry needs to pay particular attention to alleys that can harbor some AT threat. Although I already declared that small side street in the right flank clear, I posted a rifleman in the corner just in case.

I then moved the tank forward, but short of the main intersection. The AR is right behind me.

Then, it was time to move the infantry to the corners, with the tank left behind and short of the intersection. This is me peeking around the "left corner". Although having the AR (foreground in this picture) close offers a sense of security, bunching up is not a good idea.

These are the R and AAR at the "right corner", as viewed from my position in the "left corner".

This is me again, peeking around the "left corner". After a careful look and no enemy found, it's time to make the next move.

Stay tuned for more ...



Olav said...
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Olav said...

Sorry to break the immersion but....

at least you dont have to worry about being ambushed from buildings in ARMA... ;-)

JC said...

LOL, Olav!

Immersion? It's not like any of my entries are exactly "Black Hawk Down". :)

This is just drill practice with randomized enemies near the intersection.

And you are right, real urban combat is far more complex than this.