Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Scourge of War to have activation-based DRM

As the launch of this American Civil War 3D tactical war game "Scourge of War" approaches, it  was revealed that the game will use an activation-based DRM system.

The developer, Norb Timpko (also known as "coder" at some discussion forums) has held an open discussion at his website about this very issue.

Better safe than sorry, Mr. Timpko! The intellectual property surrounding this war game has already been abused at least once.



smith said...

LOL. Seriously though, while I love Take Command, this version looks still stuck in the 80s.

PS - enjoy your coverage of Achtung Panzer - more please!

stephen said...

+1 for AP coverage

Agree about scourge. More tempted by HistWar Les Grognards but AP is taking up all my time :-)

JC said...

Hello, fellows!

@ smith: it's a pity that you don't like the graphics, because this new game is all about cosmetics. :)
I doubt that Norb had any input on the gameplay of TC2M, and I think it will show in this new game. We will see.

@ stephen: so many games so little time! :)

I'm finishing up a review of Rise of Prussia. Once that is done, more AP coming up!