Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Battlefront.com Under Cyber Attack!


This morning I got this e-mail from Battlefront.com:

Battlefront Press Release 23 March 2010 --- We are proudly presenting new update client for all games from battlefront for FREE. You can download client here. Turn off your antivirus, as it could recognize it as spam or virus because of high encryption.

and after that a link to some exe file. Very fishy.
It turns out that the e-mail is not legit. The exe is almost certainly harmful and Battlefront is scrambling to fix the issue. If you receive a similar e-mail, trash it at once, please!



Anonymous said...

I got this too! I do not believe it did anything to my computer, and I ran a scan just in case and found nothing. Hopefully battlefront.com will be back up soon. Thanks for the heads up though, JC!

JC said...


Thanks for your comment.

Battlefront.com is still down, it must have been a serious attack!


Chuck "Magnum" Ankenbauer said...

Yep... a major series of viruses in that one, I fell for it. Destroyed my PC, had to reformat.

BTW JC, got a PM for you over at SimHQ. ;)

JC said...

Hi Chuck!

Sorry to hear that. I hope you didn't loose too much information.

Roger on the PM. Sorry I missed that one. Check your inbox. :)