Monday, November 23, 2009

Urgent Message From Your Tutor: "Your Scheme of Maneuver Doesn't Seem to Make Sense"

The Virtual Combat Training Center is a computer tutoring system that plugs into ProSimCo's line of war games. Right now it is only available to the US armed forces.

It looks like a wonderful educational tool and I can only wonder how great it would be to have such a thing included in the game.

Back to reading field manuals here. Oh, man! :(

A screenshot of a pop up window that warns the player about his mistake. I've played this "Baghdad Assault" scenario in the plain vanilla version of Armored Task Force and the advice given here is spot on. There are plenty of ATGMs on the left flank of the US Cavalry forces depicted in the screenshot. Image is from the Virtual Combat Training Center and used without authorization or monetary gain. Please contact me if you want it to be removed.


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