Sunday, November 29, 2009

Halt Security (Part 2), an ArmA 2 Tactical Vignette

The terrible threat here are RPGs. With a maximum range of 1,000 meters, a single one can blow up the AAV with relative ease.

Ideally I would set up a security perimeter that puts the bad guys' RPGs out of range. Given the nature of the terrain at our location, increasing the diameter of a security would mean leaving each fire team without mutual support.

After walking through the surroundings and checking for fields of fire, I settle for the following arrangement.

A hasty security perimeter to protect the AAV with my Marine Squad. We were moving south. Click the image to expand it.

Fire team 1 orients north and controls any enemy forces approaching from the village and terrain NW and NE from our position.

Fire team 2 orients west and deploys in the reverse slope of the hill on our right flank so it can take advantage of the supporting fires from the AAV's grenade launcher.

On second thought, the dreaded forest in our left flank is not that much of threat. To get a clear shot, the insurgents would have to close with the AAV. Fire team 3 orients east and deploys within the forest, a few meters from the AAV.

The AAV grenade launcher orients south and controls the road. That dude over there better get busy with the track, things are going to get hot.

To be continued ...


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