Monday, November 23, 2009

Going Downtown with the AAVP7A1 (ArmA 2)

This weekend I have been messing around a bit with ArmA2, specifically with the AAVP7A1.

The AAV family of vechicles has a special place in my heart because when I was a kid my entire school class got a ride in an LVPT7 of the Naval Infantry of the Armada of my native Argentina.

An LVTP7 from the Naval Infantry of the Armada of Argentina. Author: Martin Otero, for this Wikipedia entry.

In this ArmA 2 scenario, I am supposed to secure a town with it. Unfortunately, the town is teeming with insurgents armed with RPGs. :)

Friendly tactical reminder: the AAVP7A1 is neither a tank nor an infantry fighting vehicle. The spiffy grenade launcher on its turret can deliver a lot of destruction, but the vehicle itself has a very soft skin. An RPG can take it out very easily.

If you want to get an idea on how difficult is to enter a battlefield with one of these, please get a copy of "Ambush Alley", by Tim Pritchard.

So, I stopped my AAVPT7A1 far enough from the village and I intend to keep it there to provide supporting fire while I advance dismounted with my Marines.

Getting to the town in the far background will require a careful approach march. Click the image for an expanded view.


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