Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Steel Beasts ProPE Resources: Gary Owen's 1st Volunteer US Cavalry

Steel Beasts ProPE (SBProPE) is the home version of an armored warfare simulation used by several armies around the world. Although the civilians like me can jump on a virtual tank and blow stuff up in a jiffy, it is always more enjoyable to play an SBProPE scenario using real life tactics. Real life tactics, as much as you read about them in field manuals available elsewhere, are not easy to put into action. The experience can be overwhelming because, as in any other military-grade simulation, the virtual battlefield in SBProPE is brutal and unforgiving.

Fortunately, the SBProPE fans community includes many soldiers and tankers from around the world who are more than willing to help. These guys take this hobby to the next level. Some of these fine men are just outstanding. One of them is a gentleman that goes by the (nick?)name of Gary Owen, a former US Cavalry Trooper who owns the 1st US Volunteer Cavalry (1stVUSCav) website.

There are many reasons why I keep coming back to Gary Owen's (GO) website. Just to mention a few: the choice of topics, GO's extraordinary ability to point out what's critical in those topics and GO's easy to understand, didactic writing style. The 1stVUSCav website also has a whole section about Soviet/Warsaw Pact forces organization and tactics.

A short time ago, I had the honor of GO commenting on one of this blog's entries. I can only hope that in future he will continue to do so.



GaryOwen said...

Thanks for the kind words Chelco.

JC said...

Thanks to you GO for all the resources you have put in your site.