Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bellus interruptus, the ugly side of PBEM in Combat Mission Shock Force British Forces

As you know, I have been PBEM a Combat Mission Shock Force British Forces scenario with my friend Olav.
This screenshot from my PBEM battle with Olav. I'm commanding the British forces and we are advancing very slowly to secure a start position for the assault on the first objective. Click the image to expand it.

Sixty turns or so into the battle, my computer could not handle the scenario anymore and we had to call it a day. There were 60 turns left in this scenario. What a pity. This is not the first time that this happens to me. Other big scenarios have crashed on me in turn-based solo matches.

This section is patrolling the groves, making way for the armor. Click the image to expand it.

It was a great battle and I'm going to post more about it in the following days.


P/S: Olav, can you push the "Cease Fire" button? I would like to see the body count. I am affraid there are lots of virtual families that will need letters.


Olav said...

I think if you can't load up and finish the turn there is no way we can see the casaulty screen.

Ive sent you a much smaller scenario.

Hope this one works out.

JC said...

Thanks Olav,

My CMSF is out of commission, now I cannot even fire it up. I'm going to re-install it, for the second time this month.


Olav said...


I actually thought it was just a corrupted email file.

You cant even fire it up now?!

Weird stuff.

Well, if it works we can hopefully fire up the old pbem again so you can continue your blog.