Sunday, July 12, 2009

ArmA 2: Meet the USMC Fire Team (Part 1)

(I apologize for the lack of entires since Wednesday ... my work days have been intense this week. Thanks for following this blog anyway!)

It's time for ArmA 2!

As I said before, one of the things I really appreciate from simulations with editors as good as the one in ArmA 2 is that they make it possible to throw in some units and start to play around in a jiffy. In this case I edited a fictional situation where I command a USMC fire team approaching a small town defended by a small team of insurgents.

The town of Kamenyy. Image is clickeable.

Insurgents defending Kamenyy. Image is clickeable.

Another view of the same insurgents defending Kamenyy. This DShK absolutely rules the road, but the high terrain in its left flank masks most of its field of fire. Image is clickeable.

At the other end of the road, the USMC fire team I'm commanding. Image is clickeable.

The purpose of this micro-scenario is to get used to command a USMC fire team and to learn how to use it in the "Marines way".

Moving towards Kamenyy.

I know this have been mentioned to death, but I just couldn't resist posting it. Is that GW Bush? :) Image is clickeable.

To be continued.


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