Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Companion Website for the Real and Simulated Wars Blog

This blog had an unprecedented amount of visitors during the past two months. Thank you so much for visiting!

There are several topics in this blog that have been more popular. Unfortunately, due to the format constrains of blogs, they have to be spread in several posts. This forces the reader to go back and forth for each part of the topic. For example, the DCS Black Shark Tactics Primer: written in several entries, the entries disappear from the most recent list. It's a mess.

I think those popular topics are better off in a more friendly format, like a small website.

So, during the next few months I will be experiment with a companion website for this blog. In this companion website you can read these topics without the hassle of navigating through this blog.

Presenting, the "Real and Simulated Wars-Companion Website".

It's small, experimental and graphically unpretentious. You will have to excuse the lack of flashy stuff there.

I hope you like it and please comment if you have suggestions. I really appreciate your feedback.


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