Friday, May 29, 2009

Counterinsurgencies, Should We Keep them "Short and Lively"?

In the last entry of his blog, Dr. Jack Kem (US Army Combined Arms Center) has a great recoup on how the armed forces of Sri Lanka had defeated the Tamil Tigers, who controlled vast regions of the country's north.

A side note: Dr. Jack's blog is listed in this page at the "blogs of interest" section. I encourage you to visit Dr. Jack's blog frequently, the information and insights there are superb. Please also check his entries on design applied to operations planning, this concept is very new to US Army doctrine.

Long story short, there was a decades-long insurgency that was defeated in a couple of years after a politically-backed strategy was put in place. The armed forces also changed tactics accordingly. Hasta la vista ... Tamil Tigers.

This is a conflict that I definitvely need to dig more into. Any pointers from the readers will be appreciated. But the speed by which this insurgency was defeated is impressive.

Frederick the Great once said that wars should be "kurz und vives" (short and lively). This is an approach the Germans have been very keen to as they ravaged Europe during the first two years of World War II. What would a "counter-insurgency blitzkrieg" look like?



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