Sunday, March 28, 2021

Arma 3 Global Mobilization DLC - First Mission with the Marder

 The fabulous Global Mobilization-Cold War Germany has been updated. New equipment, Flecktarn cammo, the G-36 gun and more! The new vehicles include the Schützenpanzer MARDER 1 AIFV.

Although this vehicle was available in at least one community mod, I never tried commanding one until the DLC update happened. So I did set up a very short mission (capture a bridge held by a mix of motorized/mechanized Soviet infantry) and I entered combat with my infantry and a Leopard tank providing overwatch.

The tiny turret of the Marder is great for hull down positions, but I feared a lucky shot from the enemy could knock down my cannon. Hell, I need that cannon to neutralize the enemy infantry.

Instead of hull down trickery, I relied on my feet: I dismounted and went forward to see what was up at that bridge.

One BMP-1, center, and one T-55, top right. The Leopard has already fired two shells but its main gun went silent after that. It had probably taken the T-55 already.

Proof of the demise of that enemy T-55 came from the fact that the tank didn't blew my Marder into oblivion while we maneuvered into position. The Milan ATGM I fired at it was just to be completely sure.

Next in line, the BMP-1 at the bridge. Easy prey for my AP rounds from the autocannon.

Then, to carefully take care of the enemy infantry. The thermal sights quality was far too good for an 80's scenario: it turns out that I did set up the scenario with an A2 variant. I should have used the A1.

Command view: by this time my dismounts are leading because there is too much cover and concealment for enemy RPGs.

After a couple of minor shootouts, the bridge was clear.

The Marder is a prime example of a great IFV, I'm now moving into more complicated missions that will demand the correct doctrine.



Chris said...

I need to get this DLC.

JC said...

There is a new DLC coming down soon:
Arma 3 Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain
Check it out!