Tuesday, January 8, 2019

DCS AV 8B Harrier USS Tarawa Landing

I had to try this for myself and although it was enjoyable it was quite a shocker when I followed the stock advice found in the official forums and from a couple of the DCS YouTube stars. The main practice that earned me the drink very frequently was the continuous trimming. Honestly, I don't get this "trim, trim, trim!" so-revered crutch for everything difficult in DCS. It was already brought up for air refueling in the DCS Hornet, and proven unnecessary by many, including myself. But yeah, let's keep flying with the trim instead of with the stick ...

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Sim Deck said...

Yeah that trim stuff is nonsense. I don't touch the trim at all. Both carrier and land based recovery to get on speed (Hornet) is the only time it is used.

Always great stuff here and cheers!