Sunday, October 28, 2018

Steel Fury Kharkov 1942 - Mission Editor - Mission Accomplished

I knew that Steel Fury had an editor and I tried it back in the year I got the game. But it was not straightforward, not too documented and tended to crash on me.

Figure 1 - Of my own creation, Soviet attack against a German delaying detachment.

The editor in Steel Fury is still not straightforward, not too documented, but now doesn't crash on me. I think I made good progress on it. Not because I'm smarter compared to before. I'm just more stubborn!

Figure 2. Steel Fury's mission editor.
The reason of the previous crashes were my poor editing. It turns out that the editor is very powerful (Figure 2) and includes deployment of troops, stances (defend, ambush, offensive, etc.), triggers ... I just scratched the surface of it.

I have a tradition when I edit my first mission on a game: I make it a pushover. In this case I'm supporting two companies of Soviet infantry with me 3 T-34s against a German delaying party consisting of MGs, two AT guns and three Mark IIIs.

Figure 3. In-editor preview of the AI behavior.

The editor offers powerful options to randomize enemy deployment, tactics and to script anything you can imagine too. It will take me some time to figure out the more advanced options.

Without further ado, some screenshots of the fight.

Figure 4. ENY MG positions at the edge of the village we were attacking.

Figure 5. Mission planning. Note the sheer amount of Soviet infantry I have to support. The village stands to the left.
Figure 6. My coordination with the infantry was poor and I honestly had to put an effort to keep up with them.

Figure 7. Two of the German tanks pulled out of the village, mowing down many of the Soviet infantry. But by that time, some isolated parties of Soviet infantry were taking German name tags from AT gun crew members. A ferocious fight.


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