Saturday, August 4, 2018

DCS F/A-18C Got AIM-120Bs

This week, Eagle Dynamics added AIM-120B missiles to the Hornet. In this blog entry, I am playing a mock up scenario in which I had the opportunity to use them for the first time.

The Hornet has been receiving steadily updates. At this point, it is only missing guided air to ground weapon systems and their corresponding target acquisition systems to be at the level of a great beta.

An IRIAF Mig-29A has just detected my Hornet and is climbing into a tactical advantage.

The radar of the DCS F/A-18C is still a work in progress, but at least you can acquire targets with a modicum of realism.

The Iranian fighter is still way up at 22,000 feet so I engage my afterburner and I put that extra fuel on the external tanks into a good climb to match my enemy's altitude.

And I make those external tanks ready for jettison as soon as I am within engagement range with the enemy Mig-29A.

External tanks punched out, I am closing too fast and it is way past time to launch an AIM-120B. Range is 22.4 nm.

TacView screenshot: the first AIM-120B launched at a 16 nm range.

TacView screenshot: the first AIM-120B guided with no problems. Direct hit.

I am so happy to have this missile under the wings of my Hornet, warts in guidance and all ...

The IRIAF loosing all his stores before impact.

He is going down in flames! Can't recall from which sim was that line ...

I have to confess I was a bit panicky and launched all I had at him.

Those splashes down in the Persian Gulf feel like a million dollars.

And not that I needed fuel, but just because I now can refuel from a KC-130, I went for gas.

After a couple of disconnects and reconnects, I am about to top off.

Almost done!


And then back to Khasab Airport for a safe landing.

On other news, DCS yesterday released the Yak-52, a trainer/acrobatics Russian airplane which is a lot of fun according to early reviews. I considered buying it but I don't think is my cup of tea at this time.

The missile guidance in DCS World continues to be of its weakest points. There are hints that some changes are coming and that would be a great upgrade for this unparalleled combat flight simulation.



Anonymous said...

Last friday was another update with AIM-120C. Now the Hornet can carry 10 of them.

JC said...

Woah! I didn't know ... Thank you so much. Correction impending.

Paolo said...

That "He's going down in Flames!" is from Strike Fighters 1 and 2 series! :D

JC said...

Hi Paolo!

Thank you so much! It was driving me crazy ... :)
What was of that series? Do you play any of those?


Paolo said...

Heh, I can still hear the accent Thirdwire used for American Pilots! :D

Honestly I used to fly the lot, a lot (hoho pun-ish me please!) but it got a bit samey after a thousand of hours! :D

I definitely got my money worth out of them but- eventually it got surpassed in every conceivable way (except probably number of flyables- but heavily biased by the lack of realism and same-ish ness of it all) by the rest- not last for the lack of On-Line Multiplayer capability.

There's a lot of players still active but Thirdwire dropped them in favour of more cash-able products.

I do not consider this a bad move, we all have to eat so if they make more money, well... let them!

It's just a shame that (IMHO) their series never achieved full potential.

Sorry for the good old "Wall'o text".