Monday, July 2, 2018

Graviteam Tactics: Tielieketi Incident - Chinese AT Teams

Before I embark in the campaign, I like to get familiar with the capabilities of the two factions of this DLC.

Today, the Chinese AT teams. Featuring two recoilless rifles and a heavy MG, I have them facing a Soviet column of APCs moving down a road.

The method of deliver is by video. Please make sure to go to YouTube for betters viewing experience.

Take home lessons:

  • The recoilless rifle is extremely effective against light armor. Typically, the first round would immobilize the enemy vehicle and subsequent rounds would complete the killing.
  • The rate of fire of the recoiless rifle is high, which eventually can be used in ambushes.
  • The recoilles rifle's crews have an uncanny ability to lead very effectively. In this particular scenario, the correct amount of lead was very useful.


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