Sunday, March 4, 2018

Field of Glory II - Legions Triumphant DLC Coming Out March 8th

The highly acclaimed Field of Glory II miniatures adaptation to the PC is back on the limelight with the new "Legions Triumphant" DLC.

This DLC brings more content covering the almost 500 years from the emperor Augustus to Romulus Augustus.

From Slitherine's webpage:

  • 10 new factions
  • 19 new units
  • 24 new army lists
  • 10 new Epic Battles
  • 36 new Quick Battles
  • Expanded Custom Battles module.
  • Expanded Sandbox Campaign module.
  • 4 new historically-based campaigns.
  • Main build updated with major improvements to gameplay.

The Roman Imperial Army at its peak is a must play for any ancient warfare gamer and I have to say that this DLC will not disappoint you. I had wished for more battles against the Huns. The new and revamped quick battle editor will come really in handy to scratch that itch.

Stay tuned for more blog and video content about this DLC.


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