Saturday, January 6, 2018

Command Ops 2 - The Sharp End Gaming Blog's Alternative Scenario for Red Devils Over Arnhem

A good wargaming session with the legendary Command Ops 2 engine was long overdue and Chris from the Sharp End Gaming blog offered the perfect reason to strap my paratrooper helmet and get command the Red Devils at Arnhem.

The above video briefly describes the scenario.But I recommend to read Chris' post at his blog to understand the rationale for this scenario. In a nutshell, a variation of the 9 day long stock scenario which is shorter (2 days) and has all the brigades (including the Polish) ready for action very early during the scenario. It's more playable but still will demand a lot from your commander's skills.



Chris said...

Hi JC! Thank you for sharing this. I am working on a finish to my latest play through of this alternative scenario. So far, I have been unable to take advantage of the Poles dropping south of the bridge. I have found there isn't a strong enough force to hold their drop zone for resupply and take the bridge at the same time. Also, the later drop of the Airlanding brigade on D2 doesn't help. Finally the 6km+ distance from the bridge of 1st Airborne's main body seems to me, to be the biggest factor.

JC said...

Chris! How are you?

It's challenging, but so it was in real life ...
The Poles don't have too much fire support, I just try to blitz the bridge with them. So far, no luck.

AAR? :)


Chris said...

Hi JC. Soon on the AAR. I have grabbed the screens and just need to write it up. Got sidetracked by Smolensk gold!