Thursday, June 23, 2016

Steel Beasts ProPE at Dogs of War - Saturday Mission 25/06/16 @ GMT19:00

Dogs of War is a virtual unit that plays a variety of simulations and games. Their style of play emphasizes immersion and realism. There are no ranks the style is semi-casual. This is a great group to join for your online forays or even to chat about anything of interest (they have a TeamSpeak channel).

Dogs of War just announced their next Steel Beasts online mission, BATTLE FOR THE MOUNTAINS. The scenario is an intriguing one, with the Falklands as the battleground. It will be interesting to play and to see how the tankers manage to find good firing positions in a very hilly terrain.

More details at the Dogs of War website.,2735.msg10465.html#msg10465

Make sure to get an invite and crank up those engines!


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