Monday, February 8, 2016

Crossing Points - Combat Mission Black Sea AAR, Part3

Continued from this blog entry.

Tanks forward, infantry following. The immense firepower of the Abrams opens up an opportunity for the infantry to gain a foothold in the village.

From their new positions, the tanks start spotting and destroying enemy armor. In this case a Russian BMP.

Under overwhelming pressure, the Russian infantry defending the treelines around the village start to pull out.

That BMP that pulled out a few minutes ago gets it too.

So does another Russian BMP on the other side of the village.
Despite the carnage of enemy dismounts and armor, one of the US Bradley IFVs is destroyed. This Bradley has crossed back the ford and was trying to retrieve US infantry left on the near side of the river. Those soldiers will have to walk ...

The infantry attack slackens. It has become very difficult to engage the Russian infantry holding buildings within the town. Ammo and time are running low. A "thunder run" with two Abram tanks starts. In this screenshot, the lead tank turns towards the town and immediately pulls behind a smoke screen. A laser rangefinder has been beamed on this tank. The second tank in trail then does something really ballsy ...
He pushes himself through the smoke screen and confronts a Russian T-90 on the other side of the town. It's like a shootout from a western movie.
The impact of the round and the reactive armor exploding lifts the nose of the T-90. It's a kill.

The "thunder run". The two tanks were given waypoints and targets as explained in the previous blog entry. They marched in a column, adamant of potential hidden threats, blowing up buildings, defoliating trees and delivering wholesale carnage.
The railroad cut at the edge of the town had one last Russian tank hidden, which was quickly dispatched.

One RPG hit the upper part of the turret of the lead tank. This was one of the dangers of the "thunder run". But luckily the rocket didn't had any effect on the tank, which quickly turned left ...

... And started taking care of the Russian infantry left in the town. This broke down the Russian morale enough for the scenario to end.

A lot of casualties for both sides. I cropped out the scoring of the scenario as this is a draft sent to me by a friend.

This is the end of the AAR narrative. Next entry about this scenario will be going through the most active US units and how they did in battle.



Anonymous said...

I played the demo and intend to purchase the game. Really shines with the large maps. Love your AAR.
The 21st century battlefield between major units will be huge and lethal. You just can't afford to be seen-EVER!

Anonymous said...

What's with the huge KIA:WIA ratio?

It used to be a simple percentage chance. Does it depend on the ordinance now?