Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Latest Combat Mission Black Sea Scenario: Donetsk Bypass

I started with a small skirmish and I got carried away. I thought you would like it.

A Russian soldier is cut by machine gun fire from a Ukrainian T-64.

This a solo scenario (Ukraine human vs Russian AI) in which a small force of the Ukrainian Army tries to stop a Russian company-sized infiltration towards Donetsk. The time is during the night.

I provided the Russian AI with 5 plans for added replayability. The map is loosely based in the real life location.


The map is small and features a lot of open spaces, so it shouldn't be an issue for game performance.

The Russians lack any type of vehicle or armor. But they have plenty of portable anti-tank weapons. The player should be cautious moving up his vehicles.

The scenario starts with a nimble Ukrainian scout Platoon. A T-64 and two BMP-2s arrive as reinforcements at 20 minutes or so.

The visibility at night is surprisingly low. In this screenshot, A Russian soldier crosses the bypass highway through an abandoned checkpoint.
The scenario is available at the Battlefront's repository, link below.

Link to the scenario at Battlefront's repository


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