Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Arma 3 - Sniper Positions May Require Some Work and Nerves

The Province of Corrientes, Argentina. A couple of clicks from the Uruguay River (which marks the Brazil-Argentina border) and in a remote area of the forest, troops from the Mechanized Infantry Regiment 25 (Argentine Army) have seized intelligence that indicates that subversive militias protecting a drug cartel are expanding their footprint towards the many logging villages in the area.

Stretched thin across a vast area, the Argentine combat troops are forced into an arrangement of meagerly staffed observation posts, with a quick reaction force that is dozens of kilometers away.

Sergeant JC didn't even get a chance at picking and was just handled the short straw. His tracking and stalking talents were thought as a rare talent, so he was left alone with an observer. This town, named just as Mocona, is where the team established an observation post. JC would have preferred a position in the forest, but some two story buildings offered an excellent view of what's going on in the edges of the forest.  
The hastiness of Sergeant JC's set up was no excuse to bypass the mandatory ranging. Even when the enemy is right there at their front.

With the ranges known and the sights set, Sergeant JC positions himself near the back of the room (nothing worse for a sniper position than to be sticking the muzzle of the gun out of a window). Still, those windows are just huge and offer the enemy the opportunity to shoot back through them.
To avoid much of the potential incoming fire, Sergeant JC positions himself in a way that he can move a step right and be completely back into cover.
After taking down three enemy combatants, the team had to pull out of the town. They were not prepared for an enemy close assault.

And that's the end of the story (for now).

If you go out sniping, remember to:

  • Establish the range for several terrain positions in the enemy's avenue of approach/attack so while in the middle of an engagement you will know how to sight your weapon.
  • Try to find a keyhole position, like we discussed here
  • Remember that some keyhole positions are not so "keyholy" (i.e. they look more like a gap rather than a narrow firing port) and that you may need to move to the side and then back to pick up targets and avoid incoming fire.
  • As usual, delay detection and hasten contact. Surprise the enemy with rapid fire and then when he comes back to you with a significant amount of fire, just move out for a better opportunity to engage him.


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