Monday, June 1, 2015

DCS: Mig-15bis - My First Kill

With Eagle Dynamics holding a store wide sale right now, the time is auspicious to dust off one story I had in the file cabinet.

The cockpit of my Mig-15bis. What a beauty.
A true combat aviation classic has found a virtual home in DCS World. Made by third party company Belsimtek, the digital bird has very few buttons not implemented. With great flight, avionics and weapons models, the hard earned kills you get flying the Mig are to be savored over and over. Thanks for the track recording feature, Eagle Dynamics!

I wished that my first kill would come as in some of those real life accounts, with my aircraft plunging on the unsuspecting F-86F Sabre (which by the way you can fly too if you purchase the module) from way above. Instead, my first kill came from and un-glorious head to head pass snapshot. I made the kill and I am happy with it, pretty much like in real life.



Saddling on this Sabre proved difficult and prone to stall my aircraft.

Turning and burning is not a good idea in this case. I've read about this in at least two books ... Yet the instinct is to try it.

Checking your airspeed becomes second nature after a couple of hours of training. Too fast and the Mig-15bis becomes an uncontrollable brick. Too slow and you are an uncontrollable floating target balloon. My airspeed is 750 km/h at this point.
So I break out from the ongoing miscarriage of air combat maneuvering and I separate by a good 6 miles or so. I turn back onto the Sabre and there he was, coming fast at me. He literally flew into my crosshairs.

Guns, guns, guns! And cannon.

So close that I could see the bolts in the clipped wing of the Sabre. 

The explosion. So fast and violent, like so many unexpected victories. The gun camera (bottom right) indicates that I am still squeezing the trigger.

A few milliseconds before that, the American pilot bailed out.

Time to return to base ...

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