Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Shadows of Synneforos - ArmA 3 - Briefing

For weeks we have operated from the high ground near Mt. Synneforos. In this area of operations, the invader found his patrols both increasingly inadequate in effectiveness and expensive in attrition. We fed from the neighboring villages, camped in the hills and moved, sometimes with borderline infamy against standard guerrilla tactics. We sabotaged, ambushed, stalked, sniped and thrived in waging assymetric war.

Until the night of 24 June 2025.

Not that we didn't hear the enemy somewhere in the town of Syrta, but the radio call made from a moving vehicle alerted us that a company-sized enemy detachment has moved in and where refitting for something. Likely a search and destroy mission.

LP Storm. 

From Listening Post Storm, we spent well part of that night destroying anything potentially useful for the enemy. By early morning we were ready to exfiltrate towards Syrta, where underground fighters had a truck in a safe house to help us to move out from the area.

This is a custom ArmA 3, single player scenario compiled with just one add-on: Kronzky's Urban Patrol Script, which to my surprise works quite well for non-urban areas. The benefits of using this script is that multiple units will transmit the location of enemy contacts and will make better use of cover than the plain vanilla game.

This mission will require an exfiltration towards Syrta (see map above) and the employment of good covert tactics. The enemy is too strong and once we get into contact, we will have a company worth of shooters on our heels.



Anonymous said...

Any chance you could post this scenario?

Max said...

JC what do you think about the online tactical FPS Insurgency? Do you play it? Isn't playing vs Humans exciting or it isn't realistic enough for you?