Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Steel Beasts ProPE - Keeping the Screen Up - Part 2 of 2

The infantry out, commander and gunners' eyeballs stabbing the CV 90's sights. A battle position against enemy tanks is not simply occupied by infantry fighting vehicles. It is embraced and cared for as a limb. It is, after all, the last sight you may have of earth.

Battle position. The infantry in front is manning machine guns and Javelin missiles. The enemy vehicles were already arriving at a choking point in the background. 

Trying to get the enemy into our sights. The infantry is in front of us and off course we thought of moving clear from them in order to fire. But the space was so tight.

The UAV was informing us that an enemy column had arrived at the choke point and has stopped due to the FASCAM obstacle we delivered back at the beginning of the mission.

A few minutes laters, the UAV crew reported that two BMP-3s have broken formation and took a wide route around the obstacle. Here the enemy vehicles are shown getting back towards their original route.

We frantically looked for the moving BMP-3s. The concealment of some trees did not stop us from firing some rounds at them.
As soon as the enemy vehicles were clear from the trees, they went up in flames. Good shooting!

The UAV confirmed our double kills.

The remaining enemy vehicles haven't moved from the nearby FASCAM obstacle. The UAV crew had a hard time figuring out how many enemy tanks were there.

We had all the intentions to close up for the kill after softening them up with an ICM artillery mission. But our planning was interrupted when the enemy column moved up. Some of them using a nearby shortcut, a single vehicle apparently through the FASCAM obstacle.
We hit them. Sometimes even shooting through the smoke.

Two more enemy BMP-3s were gone.

That infantry in front was so inconveniently placed ... Note the destroyed enemy vehicles in the background.

We have killed many enemy vehicles, but not a single tank. The only enemy vehicle appears to be immobile within the woods (close to the crosshairs in the screenshot). The Javelins were out of sight from it and we were unable to figure out a covered route for closing in. Using the UAV, we called another over another ICM artillery missions. But we could not determine if the bastard is still alive or not.

I ordered my infantry to move from the battle position in order to catch a better angle at the enemy vehicle. In the background, my wingman overlooks the enemy's position. 

In one of these movements, we likely exposed a couple of square feet of our vehicles and the enemy tanks shoot at us with the cadence of bolts from the sky. My wingman vehicle was destroyed instantly. My vehicle lost its gunner, the gun and its sights.
And so it ended. Enemy and foe tied down in an odd embrace, unable to throw a significant punch at each other anymore. The enemy didn't make it through, but many of us didn't made it back home.



Anonymous said...

Great story! I served as a CV9030 gunner in the Finnish Defence Forces, so I could relate to this :)

Johan said...

It's reassuring to know that you still have a defense over there in Finland. As our spineless politicians here in Sweden have all but totally disbanded our military, someone needs to keep us safe from Putin!

Anonymous said...

Haha, thank you! We'll do our best :)