Friday, January 2, 2015

DCS Hawk T1.a Beta by VEAO Simulations

This beta was released in a too much premature state to fulfill the fun and training needs of the common enthusiast. For the time being is poised to be liked just by the most hardcore fans of the famous trainer.

I've got a copy because the Hawk reminds me a lot of the IA-63 Pucara Pampa II. It certainly looks great and it is easy to fly. According to the developer's website, the upcoming flight model is being validated by a real pilot.

In the words of Rick Atkinson, "with a wingspan barely larger" than my own. The Hawk is nimble, agile and relatively fast.
Unfortunately, it doesn't take too long to find out that there are so many things to be implemented yet that this module is your best pick for the first New Year's procrastination. My un-amusement started with the installer itself, which installed the module in the wrong hard drive place even when I explicitly asked for the right location. 

The cockpit of the Hawk is simple and easy to work through. The virtual Hawk still shows the need for some work on the textures, but this is not a deal breaker.
The developers are working hard and fast fixing and adding features. However, there is a lack of sources when it comes to the current state of the beta. It is still too early to ask for a manual. But, you literally tumble around discussion forums and eventually hit onto a thread describing where your half hour of wasted time went because of something that is still missing.

Master switch for weapons. Note how it uses a key.
On a weapons training mission.

Landing is way too easy because the advanced flight model is not yet implemented or completed. The current flight model is a mixed bag. How the elevator trim affects the angle of attack feels correct. However, hitting a trim and throttle combination that results in a level flight has been impossible for me. All I can get is a nose up and down wobble so far.
That corner of the cockpit is for the Sidewinder missiles. Very easy to engage with them despite that the sound tone from the missile's head is not implemented.
Another view of the cockpit, showing fuel, altimeter and engine gauges.

Kill! An enemy Su-25T explodes in front of my Hawk.
I am going to give it another spin before shelving the Hawk until becomes a more solid offering. I will try navigation and landing approaches.


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