Sunday, December 28, 2014

Steel Beasts ProPE - The Far Side of a Canal Flank

I had so much fun editing this scenario that I have to share it. I've just submitted it to and it will be available for download soon.

A cavalry troop finds itself on the wrong side of a canal. The race is on for a crossing. At stake is not only the flank of the main body but the lives of your troopers.

Right click and open on a new window for better viewing. A Troop (west most unit in the above map) is on point to secure OBJ Heineken. The ENY forward detachment is advancing south.

Cavalry fighting vehicles occupying positions while on the search for ENY vehicles.

The observation posts overlooking OBJ Heineken pack some limited amount of punch. Certainly not enough to stop the ENY.
Troopers struggling to keep contact with the ENY.
My AAR will be delivered at a later time. I just don't want to spoil the scenario for you in case you are interested in playing it.

Stay tuned for an update with a link to the download.



Gibsonm said...

Looks like fun.

Hopefully the enemy doesn't bypass Heineken and use the bridge a little further South on the highway.

I suspect they'll turn SW just to accommodate you. :)

Gibsonm said...

By the way, appreciate the new "click here to prove you aren't a robot".

Much better than keying in numbers/codes that may or may not be clear. :)

Mike said...

Gave it a play through, and just barely pulled it out. Survived with 4 fully-mission capable vehicles.

JC said...

Hi Mark,

That would have made a great scenario, but that would have required even more mission time (is already at 2 hours).

Hi Mike,

Thanks for playing. What score did you get?


Mike said...

Major Victory

200 out of 200.

38 Kills
13 Losses

There were two enemy tanks that were able to make it across the 'damaged bridge'. One of them was within 300 meters from the objective when it was destroyed. The other was sitting idle in the back road.

Tough mission, overall.

Without giving it away, I was very surprised to see which avenue of approach the enemy attacked from.

My intelligence preparation of the battlefield would've been good, had the enemy approched from where I anticipated. Instead I got a big surprise, and lost a few vehicles because I assumed risk with an economy of force.

I opened your mission in the editor, and I enjoy the fact that you used good scripting to advance the forces. My only feedback would be to randomize their approach; sort of a realistic enemy probe. This way the mission would have more re-playability.