Saturday, August 16, 2014

Rangers and Engineers at Gela - New Combat Mission Fortress Italy Scenario

Combat Mission Fortress Italy has been upgraded to version 3.0, which brings the game into the Red Thunder standards. With this upgraded installed I decided to finish up a couple of scenarios I had in the hard drive for quite a while now.

Col. Darby just commandeered this AT gun from the beach head and saved the day.

The first one is about Col. Darby's Rangers and the 39th Combat Engineer Battalion at Gela. It is a single player scenario playable as US human vs the computer in command of the Italians.

This scenario packs a nice mix of forces, trying to reflect the chaos of just debarked units moving up to the front.

The extent of destruction that can be delivered from just 3 guns of the USS Boise is phenomenal.
To cut it short, I will include the tactical map and the scenario briefing.

The tactical map for the mission. I forgot to add the Italian light tanks company. Let's call it fog of war.

July 10, 1943
0915 Local Time

The landings at Gela went more or less unoppossed but a counter-attack is imminent. 

Two companies from the Italian Gruppo Mobile E, reinforced with a company of light tanks have been sighted north of Gela.

You are in command of a company of US Rangers from the 1st Battalion and a company of combat engineers from I/39. An assortment of jeeps and halftracks are due to arrive within the first 15 minutes. An AT gun, commandeered by Col. Darby from the landing site will arrive in 5 minutes.

Indirect fire support is provided by the USS Boise and on-map mortars (two tubes).

Your mission is to halt the Italian advance and keep them out of Gela. Three terrain objectives are marked on the map:
1) Right Flank, 100 Points
2) Crossroads, 50 Points
3) Gela Foothold, 100 Points

The player is also awarded 250 points for destroying 75% or more enemy units.

Objectives for the Italian/computer side are the same, except that they need to inflict larger casualties on the US side to earn the 250 points.

This scenario is heavily inspired in the actions of the 1st Ranger Battalion and the I/39th Combat Engineer. The Italian OOB has been re-inforced with infantry and the US side with two halftracks. These two non-historical reinforcements were added in the interest of better gameplay and challenge.

This is the 1_0 version of the scenario. I will be updating it based in the amount of downloads and suggestions.

The scenario will be available upon Battlefront's approval. Likely next Monday I will add the link.


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I will have to give this one a try. Looks interesting.