Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Command Modern Air/Naval Operations Updated to v1.04

Massive patch last week, some fixes and many improvements to this excellent air and naval operations simulation. My favorite new feature: sprint and drift for escort ships.

From my submarine vs convoy scenario, which is still being edited. A NATO convoy consisting of tankers (central column). In the left right and front of the tankers, the escorts. Note how the Descubierta frigate has a station to keep, but it was sprinting forward and just started to stop for a drift that it will be centered in the station. The sprint and drift feature is accessed through the formation editor (right window) and is as simple as checking a box.

My scenario is playable for the Soviet side, which has only one diesel submarine. This submarine's mission is to attack the convoy shown in the screenshot above.

My scenario, showing the Soviet sub (blue icon) and the sonar contacts. The contact in the south is particularly loud (detected at a greater distance than the one in the southwest) and is likely to be a tanker (these merchant ships do not feature the technology to make them less noisy). 
As I reported before, the relative distance and bearing from the sub to the convoy is randomized to some extent. This was possible because the mission editor has a teleport to area feature, which spawns a group in a random location within a set of markers.


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