Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Lion Route - The Sharp End Gaming's Scenario for Command Ops

I'm sure you are following Chris' "The Sharp End Gaming" blog. This entry is to remind you that his recent Command Ops Highway to the Reich scenario is ready to download.

This historical scenario features the British 1st Parachute Brigade, in the delicate tactical situation of being dispersed and fighting to re-group around the Arnhem road bridge. Right click and open on a new tab or window for a better view.
I like this scenario because it is of the right size (one brigade, 1 day 19 hours of simulated combat) and it's a relevant tactical snapshot of operation Market Garden. Please make sure to grab the map, map-cache and scenario files from Chris' blog entry.

Frost's 2nd Battalion (red counters) at the Arnhem road bridge is expecting trouble from the north and the south. Right click and open in a new tab or window for a better view.
Doug Miller has written a great AAR of this scenario at his Cry Havoc! blog. This is definitively a though scenario that will teach you a lot about airborne warfare. Kudos and keep them coming!


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Chris said...

Thanks JC for posting a link to this! Appreciate it. I enjoyed creating this scenario and I am still tweaking things so I welcome any feedback! - Chris