Monday, October 28, 2013

Combat Mission Market Garden Module - Screenshots from the Dreijenseweg

I have leftover screenshots from my Combat Mission blog entry of yesterday. Who wants to see them?

A halftrack burns after being knocked down by a British anti-tank team.

Their finest minute. British Paras storming the Lichtenbeek house. Distance travelled: 1.3 km, half of it into enemy territory.

Fire and maneuver. A British section (foreground) rushes into the flank of an enemy MG position. Another section provides suppressive fire. Note the tracers and the thick underbrush.
Infiltration. A British section has just reformed after a rendezvous behind the main enemy line of resistance. 
A German halftrack in the background gets pummeled by British fire.
I don't know the name of this German anti-aircraft monster of hell. All I know is that is not fun being on the receiving end of its line of sight.
Light infantry tactics 101: avoid clear patches of terrain. These British parachutists in the foreground will have a tough time extracting themselves from this mess.


Filippo said...

Hello, nice pics indeed! Any improvements over Fortress Italy? , or is just the same game with new units and different setting?!

JC said...

Hi Filippo. Thanks for watching.
I would say there were no major changes but some fine tuning of certain aspects only.