Monday, July 15, 2013

War Machines During Peacetime - DMO's Sikorsky S-92 for X-Plane 10

A couple of weeks back I received an updated Sikorsky S-92 (DMO Flight Designs' addon for X-Plane 10).

I don't know if it is because I have logged so many helicopter hours with the DCS Huey, but the Sikorsky feels very stable now and I am now able to fly it like I stole it. This a pictorial record of a short mission (maybe 20 minutes of total flight time) with a Canadian CH-148 Cyclone (included in DMO's addon).

Take off is during the early hours of a summer day, from one of the runways at the Wallops Flight Facility (VA, USA).  The mission is to transport US Navy personnel to a US Carrier sailing north from Norfolk, VA.
Quick hover check and take off. The unusual traffic at the research facility forced me out (is that a 747? LOL).

This helicopter has modern instruments and avionics.
Leaving firm land behind and heading towards the sea.
The level of detail included in this addon is very high.
Flying over water.  The featureless sea under the rotors impairs my perception of speed and altitude. 
A few minutes later, the carrier is sighted.
My helicopter flying a slow downwind leg. Note the A.I. controlled helicopter (top left) hovering over the carrier.

Final approach to the carrier. Can somebody close that door, please?

I approached the carrier very slowly, taking care of not landing over the arrestor cables.
Touchdown as seen from the carrier's control tower. I ended up some three meters off the center line. I just wanted to be sure not to hit the other aircraft.
Waiting for clearance to take off and return to the Wallops Island Facility.
Among other challenges up with this aircraft, I plan to land it into a frigate. That's going to be extra tricky because I have serious issues perceiving my airspeed while I'm flying over water.


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Anonymous said...

Been thinking of getting this helicopter myself for X-plane 10. Looks like a well done mod.