Monday, July 1, 2013

HistWar Les Grognards - New Patch V03.x is Out

HistWar Les Grognards is an impressive 3D tactical war game about the battles of Napoleon. It is almost a single man's show and it has been improving enormously during the last two years.

A Guards Regiment on its way to an old redoubt. They are marching in a column formation and they are the spearhead of  the entire VI Corps during the battle of Grand Champ.
A feature that was introduced in the recent patches is option to show every single man in a regiment. It is quite a sight to see tens of thousands of men engaged in combat. Some screenshots of a recent battle inside.

My IV Cavalry Corps, with the 23th Chasseurs a Cheval in the foreground, deploys in front of the infantry. Note in the background all the units approaching the front. 
Enemy lancers (foreground) launch a cavalry charge up a hill. This short affair ended up with both the enemy and my unit completely routed.
Thousands of infantry from the VII Corps (Polish) moving towards the front. In the background, two regiments have already deployed in combat lines.

The 15th Light Infantry Regiment had a rough start against an enemy artillery battery (far background).
Despite heavy casualties, the 15th Regiment continued advancing. The enemy artillery hastily retreated once this infantry formation approached.
A few minutes later, the 15th Regiment charged against a Swedish infantry regiment (background). Note how the formation of the charging unit is broken during the charge.
The confusion of close combat is just fantastic. Point blank fire and cold steel ... The units become mobs.
Swedish light infantry (foreground) routs from the battlefield. Note the total stay of disarray of the 15th Regiment (background) after this bloody encounter.
These enemy soldiers did not take a cue from their retreating brothers in the background.


Chris said...

Hi JC! What map is this? And what OOB are you playing with? Looks great. I need to add the new patch.

Zardoz said...

But does it actually work?? Last time I looked at this game it had more bugs than an un-deloused Napoleonic infantryperson...

JC said...

Hi Chris: Grand Champ. I just changed the weather from the historical version.

Hi Zardoz: define "work". This one is so complex that a 100% bug free is an utopia. What's your threshold? Have you played the demo (that thing was not so good)?


Jason Rimmer said...

Really looking forward to Histwar 2.

Anonymous said...

I played the demo, was ok. The screenings of the new patch have made think about jumping in. How is this game ? Is it worth it ?