Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DCS World, Combined Arms - (Almost) New Stuff I Really Like in the Editor

The wait for the new version V1.2.4 and the DCS UH-1H Huey is taking longer than most fans have thought. Oh, well. Nonetheless these are two things in the editor that were added more or less recently and that I love in the current version.

Number one: AI- controlled helicopters can now land in places other than airbases ramps and runways. This is great to simulate helo insertions.

Waypoint #2 in the flight plan (highlighted white) of the CH-47 shown above has an advanced action: land! You can even set up for how long the helo is going to stay on the ground.
Number two: in the Combined Arms module, you can create and adjust waypoints for AI-controlled units while playing an scenario. In this case, while I'm flying a Ka-50 I send this Ka-27 to find out targets for my flight. This almost simulates the real-world tactics a Ka-50 unit would use (a command/scout flight of Ka-27s acting as a "hunter", and the flight of Ka-50s acting as a "killer"). Unfortunately, the Ka-27 in DCS World doesn't have any type of specialized sensors for that mission ...  
The Combined Arms module interface. The Ka-27 is ordered forward at low altitude ...


Anonymous said...

One problem with AI controlled aircraft - it is only working for the HOST or the SP!

So, at the moment, a little bit useless for a multiplayer TvT seasion!

Gowan James Ditchburn said...

an interesting sounding game. still I am playing enough already. always nice to hear of a situation where the AI actually works.

Max said...

Hi I already posted in the past. I bought Combined Arms 2 Months ago but for me it was a complete disappointment... Didn't even figure out if every tank aiming and shooting process should be done manually cos there is no laser distance and lead programme implemented . I'm aware that this is not a sim but dunno really how to play this game... like a tactical game? But how? Since you have bought it too can you briefly say what do you think about this game?

Ghost0815 said...

@Max, i use CA as add-on to the normal flying stuff of MP mission.

It give your the freedom to move units around and make a mission more unpredictable for each side (without using trigger and flags) --> a human client is a incalculable asset.

An Example: Red Ground Commander need to hold a town. Blue Ground Commander need to capture the town, he/she got support from human A-10C or/and Ka-50 flights.
This simple setup give you enough freedom to play as JTAC, tank commander or/and only on the tactical map.

But yes, it is (from my point of view) still beta. I hope ED will the solve the problems/bugs and add more features......which we need to play!

Max said...

Yes thanks especially cos I don't play it in multiplayer and therefore I just hope it will improve in general.

JC said...


Thanks for all the comments. Yes, the module is not perfect and land combat is not high fidelity by any means. I bought it to just move my ground troops while I fly.