Thursday, November 8, 2012

Intermission Will Be Over Soon

The perfect storm … Although I was spared of any headaches or losses
from hurricane Sandy, I haven't been able to get back on my feet from
other real life issues. Nothing serious, just a bunch of minor issues
by themselves that when they add up end being not so minor …

Although writing has been sparse, gaming has been intense and pleasant.

Moscow'42, the latest from John Tiller Software, had me busy since its
release last Friday. The first strategically significant
counteroffensive the Red Army -fought from either side- turned out to
offer gigantic grand-tactical and operational challenges. This is not
my first Panzer Campaigns game fought over a frozen portion of the
Eastern Front and I'm not talking about mobility only. It's the lack
of resources while playing the German side and the underpowered Red
Army units while playing the Soviets what's kicking my rear end. Soon
I will be posting about some of my in-game misadventures and an
interview with the lead designer of Moscow '42.

Matrix/Slitherine Games and Norbsoft have released Chancellorsville,
which is a standalone game or an expansion depending if you have or
not the original Gettysburg game. The real life battle has been one of
adroit maneuver plans horribly executed by the Union Army of the
Potomac and allegedly Confederate General Lee's finest display of
military genius. Chancellorsville is packed with scenarios big and
small and I have been focusing on the small-sized ones to brush up my
Civil War era command skills. I am aching to play the big scenarios,
which I've been told are played on a 25 square miles map. I hope some
of the maneuvering mentioned above can be war gamed, at least some
significant portions of it. A review of Chancellorsville is on the

The "Insurgency in the North Caucasian District" series is alive and
well but I found that such an specific title (insurgency and North
Caucasian District) is not adequate for the whole story that I
envision. Sooner than I thought it was possible, the story will move
west and south of the North Caucasian District and will involve
engagements between conventional forces … The series has already some
of you already confused and scratching your heads. Changing the title
while keeping the whole thing tied up will be a challenge. Yikes!



Anonymous said...

Hang in there! Deep breath and game on!

JC said...

Thanks! You bet!