Thursday, August 2, 2012

Combat Mission Fortress Italy Released

Woah! Is this gaming heaven or what? I wasn't expecting it so soon.

This is the debut of the so-called CM 2.0 engine. The upgrades will be rolled into the Normandy and Commonwealth Forces in the future. I heard.

Lock and loaded here, but this will have to wait until next week to be played.

Battlefront's Website for Combat Mission Fortress Italy.



Johan said...

Good news! Looking forward to some coverage of this, even though the Combat Mission game I look forward to most is the also announced Shock Force 2!

Mike said...

Rock Paper Shotgun gave it a 'eh' review. Seems there wasn't much 'enhancement' done to the engine.

I'm going to hold out for SF2, as well. I'm getting tired of these unpolished releases from Battlefront.

RangerX3X said...

$55 is pretty steep and quite frankly the screen shots are OK but not much better than what I have seen from BF.

Anonymous said...

Absolute rubbish - its well worth the 55 bucks - jesus there is months of gaming there leaving aside what the community will produce. Its an evolution not a radical overhaul and you are paying for the content not just the enhancements. How is the release unpolishe ? RPS know nothing .. BF are the only ones producing games of this authenticity and quality and I personally will buy everything from them just to keep it coming. Where does all this expecting the earth for 50 bucks come from its ridiculous and you obviously have no idea what goes into producing this stuff. Makes me depressed to see comments like this.

Johan said...

First of all, value is in the "eye of the beholder", or rather, the consumer. It's pointless to argue over if the cost of CMFI is worth it or not. For some it is, for others, it is not.

I'm not a hardcore Combat Mission fan. I enjoy playing it, but only get about maybe 50-100 hours out of each purchase. There are so many other games I got to find time to play too. So for me, the relatively small additions to CMFI are not worth the price. Especially since the new engine features will soon be made available in a (payed for) update for CMBN. This upgraded Battle for Normandy will fulfill my Combat Mission needs until Shock Force 2 comes out (unless the upcoming Eastern Front game will be so exceptionally good that I need to get it too).

Also, RPS has not reviewed CMFI yet, it was just mentioned, in a mostly positive way (and there was no mentioning of "unpolished", that was Mike's comment), in this week's "The Flare Path", which everyone that reads this blog should check out every Friday. You are guaranteed to like it, as it deals with Wargames and Simulators, the topic of this Blog.

Here is a link to this weeks Flare Path: Link

Don't forget to check out RPS every Friday for the latest Flare Path!

RangerX3X said...

"A free demo of CM: Fortress Italy will be released within a couple of weeks."

I will wait for that.

JC said...

All things considered, it feels like a bargain to me.


Anonymous said...

@Johan ... You "only" get 100 hrs a play time out of each purchase ...? Thats 50Cents and hour ... that isnt good value ? All I can say is you have very high expectations. Value is not at always subjective - CMFI for 10 year old Playstation players is obviously not good value - but when applied against a benchmark of their other releases it is equally good value if not more so.

JC said...

I am liking this new release. It's like tactical crack, every single time.

The so-called debut of the 2.0 engine is not that noticeable for me (not much of a graphics type of gamer).

I will post more in the near future.

Olav said...

"Tactical crack, every single time" - JC... :-)

JC said...

Hi Olav! Sorry I couldn't chat the other day. I was talking with a service provider while checking the e-mail.