Sunday, July 15, 2012

Short Stories from Small Wars IV - Breaking the Peace at the Peacekeeper's Camp South of Tskhinvali - Intro

Another scenario inspired in the South Ossetia War of 2008, this time using Steel Beasts Pro PE.

Steel Beasts ProPE has no map of South Ossetia so I had to use one of the stock maps and buildings. This scenario and blog entry is just loosely inspired in the true story.
Lots of ideas right now. One of them is a more detailed look and discussion of small units tactics, so I hope to combine it with the "Small Wars Series" successfully. I also hope to be wrong  frequently so I can get comments from you, folks.

First, the real story as written in The Tanks of August book.

I'm going to be commanding that three Georgian tank platoon. I will be using the T-72 M1s (not really the specific model that the Georgians fielded that day), which can be crewed by users of the latest version of Steel Beasts. The T-72 M1 is a lot of fun to crew and the perfect tank to showcase the tactical points I want to discuss.

Russian peacekeepers at the camp keeping their eyes in the distance in search for the Georgian forces. 
I also upgraded the BMP-1s of the real story to BMP-2s (shown in this picture) in the scenario. Just for an increased challenge.
Stay tuned, more is coming.



Silent Hunter said...

"Peacekeepers" - yep you can tell its a Russian book.

Olav said...

Russian peacekeepers, got to be an oxymoron right :P

Hows it coming along JC? Anything resembling the historical result?

Chip said...

Silent Hunter and Olav, don't be ignorant! The Joint Peace-Keeping Force in South Ossetia was a peacekeeping organization (duh!) and comprised members from Georgia, North Ossetia, South Ossetia and Russia.

Bil Hardenberger said...

When did infantry in building get into Steel Beast Pro PE?

JC said...

Hi Bil,

That was implemented the day after you sold your copy. :p

It was implemented with the latest update, when the infantry 3D models were added.



Bil Hardenberger said...

"That was implemented the day after you sold your copy. :p"

FIgures. ;o)

Is this for all buildings or only for certain specially setup buildings?

Is the infantry play better now? I had way too many problems with them to overlook before.

JC said...

Hi Bil,
Still the same infantry ... Just better 3D models.