Monday, April 9, 2012

Take On Helicopters Hinds - Retaking Comms Ridge

The insurgents are creeping towards our positions. We neglected the highest point in our area of operations, the one that holds a communications hub.

The game: Take On Helicopters, Hinds DLC (a helicopter sim-lite based in the ArmA 2 engine)
The mission: insert a fire team of Russian on the ridge and re-take the installation from the insurgents. Avoid collateral damage to the satellite antennas.

Opposition is likely to be light, but it is still a hot landing zone.

These men are going on a hell of a ride. I'm the pilot of the Super Hind in the background.
A few moments before starting the engines. My helicopter in the foreground, fully loaded with rockets we can't use (we don't want to demolish the installations. The infantry men distract themselves in conversation before boarding. The communications ridge is in the far background, right above the wing of my Hind. 

Ready to start the engines.

On route towards a position where we can observe the enemy. The ridge is at the top of that massive dark formation in the background.
We planned to engage the enemy from the distance, but although the insurgents were visible from a relatively long distance it was difficult to effectively target them.

We had to close more than what it was prudent, but we needed to take as many insurgents as we could before landing. It took us a long time to fly around the ridge, engaging the enemy from different angles. But it was done.

It has been a long time since I don't sweat the controllers as I did when I approached the ridge for the landing and insertion.
From the cockpit of my helicopter, this space looked tiny. Successful landing on top of the ridge. Troops ready to disembark and clear the area.
Waiting for the troops to dismount, looking around. It doesn't look like we damaged the antennas with our intense shooting.

The fire team is moving into position (one soldier can be in front of the helicopter, slightly to the right) and engaging some remaining insurgents that were trying to flee.
After a couple of minutes, the infantry men gave the all-clear signal. Time to return to base and wait for new orders.

After landing at the airbase.
Lots of ammo and right pedal. But the job is done.



Dimitris said...

Fond memories of DI's Hind eh JC ;)

JC said...

You bet. I got that old clunker from GOG! But can't fly it because of joystick issues. :(


Desdinova said...

Ah Takistani militia, please inspect that AKM a few more times before the main cannon turns you into a mist. JC, how does the flight differ in TOH from Arma? I heard they'd improved some things about it. Not sure what they are--I'm willing to bet they can control like drunk rhinos in a tanker truck, though that might just be my lack of ability talking.

gabeeg said...

That dude with the AK is giving you an extra arsenio hall long middle finger!