Wednesday, February 15, 2012

X-Plane for Android/iOS - Lunch Breaks Got Very Entertaining

Yeah! A flight simulator that you can take with you while on the run.

X-Plane is one of the best flight simulators for the PC. To my total surprise, a light version of X-Plane 9 is available for tablets and smartphones.

I've logged a few hours of flight already and let me tell you, once you get past the limitations of controlling the aircraft with moving your device back and forth, it is very engaging.

An un-named airstrip in Alaska. I can't believe I landed this thing ...
The famous green lift vectors of the PC version are available in the mobile version.
Instruments panel.
I've made some landings I am not so proud of ...
The base app costs $2.99 and includes a good variety of aircraft and scenery. Additional aircraft can be purchased, like this Corsair I got for $0.99. 
Not every thing is perfect, though. My altitude in this screenshot is 30,000 ft. Mmmmhhhh ...
Once you get bored with the scenery available in the base app, you can off course purchase additional ones.
More info available here.


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