Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Steam and Iron: The Great War at Sea - Naval Exercise in the North Sea - Part Two

The game: Steam and Iron: The Great War at Sea
The purpose: Take some German dreadnoughts into a practice, randomly generated scenario

These is the British light cruiser division I couldn't pursue.
Today: quick entry, bean counting for my latest victory at sea.

The ships tally. Wish I would have been more cautious with my light cruisers. Note how as the Germans, I've got points for picking up survivors.
Statistics for the British side. They had a bad day at sea.
This type of screens, with individual ship info is available at all times during the game. For the ships on your side, off course.

The individual ship screen can be expanded to show individual hits (left).

OK. Crunch time. I hate weekdays! :(


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