Sunday, January 22, 2012

Combat Mission Battle for Normandy - Yet Another, Final Note on Combat Functions/Services and Weapon Systems

This is a continuation of a continuation ... I know, it's getting messy. This entry just to wrap it up, I promise. :)

The final push towards the intersection objective. 1st, 2nd and 3rd platoons moving on one side of the main road connecting the town entrance and the final objective. One tank platoon awaiting for some of the fields of fire pointing towards the road being cleared.

The armored infantry that arrived as reinforcements: too many men to cramp into the map. Did I mention that I lost one halftrack on the left flank? I just left all the armored infantry alone back in the line of departure.

This farmhouse behind the hedges is the farmhouse at objective intersection. The dirt/smoke cloud is from a German AT gun firing from the other side of the objective.
With the main road (mostly) clear of enemy infantry, the lead tank moves towards objective intersection. This tank had to rely on heavy suppressive fire in order to move against a German AT gun located at the objective. 
The final and exciting moments of this scenario. All significant real estate taken by the US troop. The only seemingly opposition is from a hedge at the very edge of the map. A handful of Germans stubbornly defend this last stand. In the foreground, a German officer fires his pistol at the US troops in the house behind the hedge. Under the cover of smoke and the fire of its coax gun, a Sherman tank almost rams the AT gun. 
I arrived at the objective intersection using an approach road that I didn't want (the main road) with just two squads of infantry and two tanks. The approach had to be through the main road because I had no more engineers support (all demo charges used up). The US infantry squads were at the edge of morale collapse: even the slightest enemy fire would pin them down. No mortar support (ran out of ammo), no MG support (re-supplying the MGs not completed on time because I corralled/bogged two supply trucks in a hedgerow line back in the town entrance).  Fortunately, the two tanks' crews had no second thoughts on smacking the last German stand.


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