Sunday, May 8, 2011

Panzer Command Ostfront Wins the Race: Demo Out, Release Next Tuesday!

Not that Battlefront (Combat Mission) and whatever was left of Koios (Panzer Command) were actually competing with each other. At least their upcoming tactical wargames were competing for my attention. ;)

Played that demo a lot and found it amusing that to get an experience similar to the original Combat Mission you have to play a game not from Battlefront but from Koios ...

Some screenshots of one of the demo scenarios included.



Jomni said...

Exactly. A lot of people have high hopes for CMBN because of the legacy CMx1. But if you want to relive CMx1 then PCO might be a better alternative. CMBN seems like a completely new game.

Anonymous said...

Been playing with demo. Not sure about it yet. Like some things, dislike others. Infantry model needs a lot of work IMHO. Armor is done well. I don't think buildings or terrain are destructable. Are you going to do a review of the full game when it comes out?


Anonymous said...

CMBN will be out very soon I think. It is no longer in beta and is just getting the last few tiny wrinkles out. The demo will be out soon too. I haven't checked out Panzer Command Ostfront, but I think it will not stand up to CMBN. Everyone will have their opinions and annoyances, but after all is stacked up, I predict CMBN to be another classic. My guess (and yes it's a wild guess), would be a D-Day release. I think the demo will be out sooner than that. :)

Anonymous said...

Doh! The CMBN demo is out tonight.

Johan said...

Everyone that is interrested in these kinds of games should of course download and try both demos to compare the two games for themselves. They are after all free.

But for me, CMBN is the clear winner. Since I do not have the time or money to buy and play both, I will get CMBN when it is released in a couple of days.

JC said...

Hi guys,

I can't get the CMBN demo to run. :(
Same thing happened with Combat Mission Afghanistan. In this case the game ran from day one.

Anyway, I am looking forward to play both. But as far as I am concerned, the narrow scope, the smaller battlefield and the almost non-existent AI makes me feel that CMBN is not Combat Mission anymore.


Anonymous said...

I've played both and Panzer Command Ostfront wins for me. Combat Mission is just too buggy and feels rushed.