Saturday, March 12, 2011

John Tiller Software's New Panzer Campaigns: Tunisia '43

This release caught me by surprise. Got it last night and played a bit.

JTS appears to be on fire! Three releases since Tiller (sorta) parted ways in December 2010.

These are the last throws of the Allied campaign in Africa, but not less exciting than other battles in Africa. The game covers (in separate scenarios) from around November 1942 through mid-May 1943.

Some screenshots follow. Click on them for an expanded view.



Jerry said...

I don't know if you have seen it on his site, but he has a free Panzer Campaign game called Mius '43 that they put out in the last couple of weeks.

JC said...

Hi Jerry,

A PzCs demo! Tiller's wheels are rolling fast, my friend ...


Jomni said...

But of course there some vocal opponents to his DRM scheme and says it's his downfall.

JC said...

Hi Jomni,

I hear you. It is wild "there", ain't it?



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