Saturday, January 8, 2011

ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead Private Military Company - Breaking Contact (Firefight and Epilogue)

The farther, second bridge looks clear.

But that's the only piece of good news as we get abruptly interrupted by a truck approaching from the same route we took minutes ago.

A truckload of insurgents approaching towards the bridge. My men open fire immediately and we are now officially in contact.

This is not good, what a shame being caught with our pants down. There are too many of them. We need to disengage immediately. I throw a couple of smoke grenades to little effect.

I pull back in the direction of the canal bed, trying to disengage by bounds, with two of my men (team red) left covering #4 and me.

Those damn bushes again ... At #4's and my turn to provide over watch for team read I realize that is going to be very difficult to survive a firefight so outnumbered and with fields of fire so broken up.

My men look at me with incredulity ... I just pulled them into the canal. Your leader willingly putting you in a natural kill zone is not something to cheer about. But we are a small team and I am hoping that I can manage our fields of fire better than in those bushes up there.

Now the insurgents have covered flank approaches to our position. I direct team red to cover the terrain surrounding the bridge while #4 and me cover the flanks. It's a fiery firefight. The insurgents pop out from very close distance.

We take every short lull in the firefight to inch away from the bridge. After a series of cycles of shooting and pulling back, we are now away from the bridge and with a lot of insurgents dead.

It feels good to take our bellies out of the ground and move back to our car. We move cautiously, though as we don't know if the group of insurgents that attacked us is completely eliminated or if they have called for help.

One survivor of the insurgents team makes a run for the truck with the clear intention of escaping. We are at an ethical dilemma here since he is not shooting at us but he could alert some other group out there. Maybe he already did.

He must have been seriously injured, we think, as he wasted the truck in a nearby hill. We don't even bother to check it out up close.

We quickly move back to our car. It feels like an accomplishment. I am still shaky from the firefight we had minutes ago. We don't think it is safe to move through those damned bridges and we report to our coordinator promptly. Time to go back to the safe house.



pirimeister said...

Great AAR, JC. It's good to see you're having fun with the PMC add-on, after all. I've just finished mission #5 (the one where you snipe at armoured units) and I'm enjoying myself too.

Anonymous said...

Thx for this AAR, JC.

A question if I may:
I'm discovering this type of sims now only & doing so via GRAW 1.
Then enemy AI in that sim is either very dumb (standing in the middle of the street, not seeing anything) or omni-scient (I just have to peak around the corner & bam, they see me and open fire).
So are there other sims out with better enemy AI in this respect ? ArmA 2 ?

Rgds, Koen

JC said...

Hi pirimeister,

Indeed, I'm having fun with these PMC guys. Very lightly armed ... adrenaline rushes at every corner!


I played the GR series a loooong time ago. The AI in ArmA 2 is superior than the one I recall in the old GR series. They can't see you all the time and if they do they look for you at the last position they know you where. They will try to flank you also. But of course, they will do something dumb.


Anonymous said...

But what about the clients!?!!!!!!

JC said...

We will have to find another route for their evacuation. Coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Just got the British expansion but man do I have a lot of questions about the game such as which mods are the best etc etc and what sites you frequent

Bryan said...

Again, this DLC was terrible. BIS seems to have a "Contractor Hard-on" for this stuff. It's no different that QB was. Which is a shame, because BAF was so good. Not the addons of course, I have VBS2 and they're nothing but ports, but the mission design and voice acting.

JC said...

Hi Bryan,

I see you are having fun with VBS2. Keep us in the loop!