Thursday, April 8, 2010

Across the Dnepr Second Edition

I remember playing for hours with the first edition of this game. Boy this game engine has made some astonishing changes from then!

Across the Dnepr Second Edition is an add-on for Kharkov Disaster in the Donets. This second edition of Across the Dnepr uses all the tricks of SSG's new game engine.

One thing that immediately hooked me in this second edition is how the mobility of motorized/armored groups has been improved. Now I'm able to use my reconnaissance units deep into enemy territory.

The 10th Panzer Division (10PzD, blue icons with the "Y" yellow symbols) and the 4th Panzer Division (4PzD, blue icons with the inverted Y white symbols) approach Mogilev from the north and the south respectively. Note how the reconnaissance battalions have successfully bypassed the Russsian infantry (light brown counters).

Just because SSG cares about old farts like me,  the magnifying glass will never be dropped from their games. Ever. On a serious note, the reconnaissance party has bumped into the Russians. Time to call the tanks up.

The 4PzD is running circles around the Russian infantry. 

I'm going to review this game sometime in the near future (the backlog of reviews is not getting any smaller, yikes!).



Seydlitz said...

Hi JC, this looks promising. As I dont own any SSG games so far, does this support resolution up to 1920x1080? The screens look more like 1024x768.

JC said...

Hi Seydlitz,

Unfortunately, the engine supports only two resolutions: 1024x768 and 1280x1024. :(

Take a look at this thread: