Wednesday, February 10, 2010

JCOVE Lite: Some Screenshots of As-Samawah and Nearby Places

I finally got a chance to install JCOVE Lite. Couldn't play that much yet, but I fired up the mission editor and placed myself in As-Samawah. This city offers a lot of opportunities for MOUT operations. Can't wait to get more of JCOVE Lite. Some extra screenshots inside. :)

Good to know our Jackal has 10,000 horn honks left (see top left corner)

This street looks as desert as my hometown during a typical summer afternoon. Note that with the editor you can add civilians.

MOUT delight.


Alan Giasson said...

10000 Horn Honks!! Now that attention to detail. LOL

JC said...

Don't run out of horn honks on the busy streets of As Samawah! :)