Friday, January 29, 2010

"Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising" Got Patched This Week

I didn't even bother to patch the previous time, so I thought this time it was worth to take a second look at this thing.

The new patch takes the game to version 1.02. The list of changes and new content is quite good.

As far as changes, I was interested in one thing: the odd flanking maneuver an AI fireteam under my command would make when ordered to lay suppressive fire onto something.

After this patch, it looks like it's improved, though I need more time to test this.
I ordered this fireteam to provide suppressive fire while I advanced. A couple of minutes later they are still in position, which is good.

AI Marines taking cover behind trees. This is a great AI feature in OFPDR.



ssgduke said...

Two little, two late! They had time to fix this game and Codemasters squandered it! They are not listening to any of the PC gamers at all when we complain why they are practically catering only to the console gamers! The editor is a piece of crap. Hell, Operation Flashpoint original editor is much easier to use and it is over ten years old! Go to ArmA II if you want a look and feel of the old Operation Flashpoint game!

JC said...

Hi ssgduke!

Thanks for your comment.

It is very likely that what we have now is what CM wants the game to be. :(

I've been trying hard to hook up in a multiplayer game since the last patch, but couldn't too many servers. What's going on here?


Anonymous said...

To each his own I suppose, I have both titles and think Dragon Rising can hold its own. When playing anything but annhilation the game is very realistic. Actually if you want a more realistic TvT experience the clear choice is DR. For a realistic Coop experience I'll give that to ArmA 2.

JC said...

Hi anonymous,

Thanks for your comment and for dropping by the blog.

I agree with you in that this title is good enough for what it is. However, I feel like it fell a bit short on what it could be.

Are you playing it online?


Anonymous said...

I love the blog JC! Yes, I play DR online whenever I can, although there isn't a lot of people that still play this game. But, to get the most out of the MP experience I would suggest downloading the VS Map Pack and trying to find their servers at night. You'll find the most tactical realism there.

JC said...


Thanks for the pointer.
You guys play team vs team, how do you cope with the in-game spoken Chinese? I played the other day as the Chinese in single player and that was a bit confusing! :)