Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Strike mission right into a SAM nest

The flight sim: "Wings over Vietnam"
The mission: Strike a North Vietnamese airbase
The machine: F4J Phantom II

I've chosen a low flying approach into the target zone. That little box on the dashboard is a RWR/threat indicator. The North Vietnamese are painting us with all the have. In the background, two SA-2 SAMs have been launched in quick sequence. Click on the image to expand.

After striking the airbase with free-fall bombs, I egress the target zone with a steep climb, jinking and watching for SAMs. Burning fuel tanks can be seen in the airbase. Click the image to expand.

RTB, finally. Fast but with the throttle just short of afterburners. The North Vietnamese will send some interceptors sooner than later. Click on the image to expand.

The angle of attack(AoA, red square) indicator of the "Double Ugly". It really shows that this aircraft was designed for the US Navy (by that time Navy aviators were trained to land at a fixed AoA rather than at a fixed airspeed). Click in the image to expand.

This flight simulator is a strange thing. It seems to capture the feeling of fighting over Vietnam during the 60-70's, but so many simplifications are starting to drain the fun.


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