Thursday, August 27, 2009

Squad Battles Games Reviewed in Training and Simulation Journal

Two HPS Games from the Squad Battles Series have been reviewed by Michel Peck in the printed version of the Training and Simulation Journal (TSJ). For some reason, TSJ has not posted the current issue in their website, so I can't link you to the article.

The article is titled "Discovering forgotten battles" and it reviews both Squad Battles Soviet: Afghan War and Squad Battles: Dien Bien Phu. Mr. Peck emphasizes the importance of games like these to get less known/popular conflicts to be appreciated, specially in these times where we are fightin insurgencies. He also laments the game mechanics of the Squad Battles series is starting to show their age.

An scenario of Squad Battles: Soviet Afghan War. Click the image to expand it.

In a journal that is usually chock-full of articles about multi-million dollar simulations, it is always refreshing to see reviews and articles by Michael Peck about off-the-shelf war games . He strucks me as a sort of TSJ's "resident gamer". Indeed, there is also another article in the same issue by Mr. Peck about the use of the console games in the US Army for training and physical rehabilitation.


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