Sunday, August 2, 2009

Combat Mission Shock Force: British Forces is Selling Well

According to this forum thread, in just 48 hours the module sold enough to calm the nerves of Battlefront. Congratulations!

Overview of what's included in the British Forces Module. Image is clickable.

A mechanized infantry section moves along with a FV432 MK3 "Bulldog" armoured personnel carrier. Image is clickeable.

The British Forces module includes the following formations:
  • Light Infantry Battalion
  • Light Gun Tactical Group
  • Mechanized Infantry Battalion
  • Mechanized Engineer Troop
  • Armoured Infantry Battalion
  • Armoured Engineer Troop
  • Armoured Regiment 58
  • Armoured Regiment 44
  • Reconnaissance Regiment
  • AS90 Tactical Group
  • TacAir Control Party
... and others, including artillery units and air support units (Apache AH-1s, Harrier GR9s, Tornados GR4s and Typhoon F2s).

As you can see, no Paras ... :(


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